Sweet Wine
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Sweet Wine

Villa Rosale Cabernet – Merlot

IGT Veneto, Italy

Red semi-sweet wine, delicate, long-nose with notes of dried fruit. Soft spicy accents.
Suitable for pasta and desserts.

750 ml – 75 zł

100 ml – 11 zł

Infinitus Moscatel

Castilla La Mancha, Spain

White semi-sweet wine with a light yellow color, bouquet rich in aromas of honey and ripe fruit. The delicate taste of the exotic, fruity flavor, and a hint of almond.

750 ml – 80 zł

100 ml – 12,50 zł

Pellegrino Moscato di Sicilia Bianco

IGT Sicilia, Italy

Sweet Muscat is made from the grapes Muscat di Alessandria. Beautiful gold color, aroma of almonds and delicate vanilla, a great desert in itself. 

750 ml – 85 zł

100 ml – 12 zł