Mięta RestoBar | White Wine
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White Wine

Infinitus Moscatel

Castilla La Mancha, Spain

Great dessert wine with a light yellow color, bouquet rich in aromas of honey and ripe fruit. The delicate taste of the exotic, fruity flavor, and a hint of almond. Perfect wine for the summer. Wine lovely, light, wherein the first nose suggests a dry Muscat, mouth dispel any doubts – pronounced sweetness and the dominant aroma of lychee.

750 ml – 65 zł

100 ml – 9 zł

Kendermanns Riesling Kabinett

Q.m.P. Mosel Saar Ruwer, Germany

Delicate semi-dry white wine. The subtle aroma of green fruit and grapes integrates perfectly with mineral and extremely fresh flavor.

750 ml – 70 zł

100 ml – 10 zł

Quinta de Lourosa Vinho Verde

DOC Minho, Portugal

Delicate, dry with a subtle notes of apple and citrus. Excellent as an aperitif or with fish and seafood.

750 ml – 65 zł

100 ml – 10 zł

Ochagavia Silvestre Sauvignon Blanc

DO Valle del Rapel, Chile

Well built sauvignon blanc, fresh, refreshing, with a pleasant acidity. Distinct smell of gooseberry, grass clippings and leaves currants, delicate mineral. Ideal as an aperitif or with salads, poultry and fish.

750 ml – 70 zł

Ochagavia Silvestre Chardonnay

DO Valle del Rapel, Chile

It is rich, aromatic and full-bodied wine. Clearly discernible floral notes and honey and intense fragrance of exotic fruits: mango, banana and pineapple with a delicate vanilla sweetness in the background. The taste is pleasant fruity, long finish.

750 ml – 70 zł

Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie Zenato

IGT Veneto, Italy 

Fruity, with fresh fruit nuances of pineapple and apples.  Best served with fish dishes, white meats, light pasta dishes or aperitif

750 ml – 85 zł

100 ml – 13 zł