Mięta RestoBar | Sweet Wine
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Sweet Wine

Villa Rosale Cabernet – Merlot

IGT Veneto, Italy

Semi-sweet wine, delicate, long-nose with notes of dried fruit. Soft spicy accents. Suitable for pasta and desserts.

750 ml – 70 zł

100 ml – 9,5 zł

Infinitus Moscatel

Castilla La Mancha, Spain

White semi-sweet wine with a light yellow color, bouquet rich in aromas of honey and ripe fruit. The delicate taste of the exotic, fruity flavor, and a hint of almond.

750 ml – 75 zł

100 ml – 10,50 zł

Pellegrino Moscato di Sicilia Bianco

IGT Sicilia, Italy

The origin of this dessert wine is the land of Pantelleria, generous of excellent wines and rich mythology. Muscat is made from the  grapes Muscat di Alessandria. Beautiful gold color, aroma of almonds and delicate vanilla, a great desert in itself.

750 ml – 85 zł

100 ml – 12 zł