Mięta RestoBar | For cool evenings
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For cool evenings

Mulled wine

with a hint of orange, cloves and cinnamon

10,5 zł

Hot Honey

Honey Trójniak, apple juice, candied ginger, scent of vanilla, orange, peach syrup

13 zł

Hot Beer

with orange, cloves and raspberry juice or ginger

0,5 l – 11,50 zł

0,3 l – 9,50 zł

Chocolate a’la Mint

scoop of mint ice cream, hot chocolate, mint syrup

15 zł

Hot Krupnik Liquer

with lemon, orange and fresh mint leaves

12,5 zł

with tea

15 zł

Hot chocolate

with whipped carem

12 zł

Hot „Carta Negra”

Bacardi Carta Negra, green tea, fresh mint, lemon juice

13,50 zł

Winter „lime”

Earl Grey tea, Finlandia Lime vodka, lime juice, passion fruit puree, sugar syrop

12,50 zł

Irish Coffee

with whiskey Jameson

18 zł

LATTE „Kahlua”

Latte coffee, Kahlua coffee liqueur, dark chocolate

15 zł

Aromatic tea additive

Citrus fruit, honey, fresh mint, candied ginger

2,50 zł


Loose leaf Premium Tea in a tea pot

black Ceylon Earl Grey, red Puerh Fitness, Cherry Fruit Rum, Green Jasmine, Fruit Cocktail, black Yunnan Golden Tips, Yunnan Green Cactus

10 zł

Blooming white Autumn Lovers

11 zł